Where I type and scream my thoughts into the void, unanswered

The Tide Rises
A short story
Did I Move In Yet?: Vignettes
Stories from the Bigger Apple
A short story about aliens and software engineering
On Aristotle
Philosophical Musings
Batman’s NJ Transit Problem
Double Deckered Dilemmas
thank u, nest
technology bad part 2
Hooked: A Narrative Explanation of the Murder Mystery
The good detective's explanation of the evening's events
"Taken 4: Your Turn" opens to empty theaters
The thrilling new installment is out now! You can't watch it!
Hooked: A Five Paragraph Essay Outline Murder Mystery
A murder mystery in the form of a five paragraph essay
A fungal fable
Notes on Building "XcuseMe: Exercise tracking for real people"
What I learned from making and re-making an app
Building a Better Boston: A 3-Step Plan for Urban Superiority
A political proposal for the prosperity of posterity
My Trip to Europe: The Insignificant Details
The parts you didn't think you didn't want to hear about
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